Care for Infants and Children

Care for Infants and Children

Chiropractic care is the most frequently-utilized holistic health care choice for America's children today. The decision to seek chiropractic care for a child is wise, and one that will certainly enable the child's body to heal itself naturally. Educated parents everywhere are choosing to provide proactive health and wellness chiropractic care, which is necessary to ensure the healthy growth and development of their children. It has been shown that children who are under regular chiropractic care get sick less frequently and need significantly fewer medications throughout their lifetimes. And the benefits of chiropractic are not only short-term. Those who have utilized the natural healing power of chiropractic during their lifetimes experience a 15% lower admission rate to nursing homes during their elder years.

As a doctor who is committed to ensuring the health of her patients’ families, Dr. De Brine would appreciate if parents would convey the following to their children seeking chiropractic care:

Welcome to chiropractic care! To be healthy, every part of your body must work right. That's the job of the brain and nervous system. Sometimes your brain and your body can't understand each other. When this happens your body doesn't work right. That's when you should see a chiropractor. Our job is to help your brain and your body talk to each other so you can be healthy. Good news. No shots! No yucky medicine! Instead, you'll get chiropractic adjustments. Bones that are in the wrong place get a special little push or pull. Adjustments feel good. Sometimes they tickle. You might hear a popping sound. It can be a little different each time. Each adjustment helps your body work right, and after you get well, you'll want to stay well. Having your nerves checked regularly after you feel better can help your body to fix itself without shots or medicine!

We would like to thank you for considering chiropractic care for your child, as it is a decision that will certainly benefit them as they grow and develop.

Dr. De Brine would be proud to be considered your family's chiropractor!