Aromatouch Spinal Therapy

Aromatouch Spinal Therapy

Every day stress can influence overall health and wellbeing. Stress comes in three forms:Picture2

  1. Mechanical
  2. Chemical
  3. Emotional/hormonal

This causes imbalance in homeostasis – the natural balance of body systems and health. These challenges, even when they don’t cause disease, cause our bodies to function at a sub-optimal level.

When the body’s balance is upset by stress, it causes nervous system interference and negatively impacts the immune system, leaving it susceptible to pathogens. When a stress-laden, immune-deficient body is injured by bacteria, trauma, or toxins, an inflammatory response occurs. This all leads to an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system. There is a direct link between a lack of homeostasis and high blood pressure, as well as cardiovascular morbidity and/or mortality.

Picture3The Aromatouch Technique works to restore homeostasis and minimizes the impact of these stressors and challenges. Aromatouch enhances essential oil activity, stimulating known body meridian and energy zones while balancing body systems and overall function.

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic properties.